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Home Office: Rua Florisval Lançoni number 63 – Curitiba – Paraná – Brazil
P.O. Box 82.800-120 Phone: (55-41 )3027-7532/ (55-41) 9633-4556
BRASPAR – Brazil-Paraguay International Center is a company which target is integrating the Brazilian and Paraguayan economies, promoting their mutual development through trade improve and productive investments.
Among BRASPAR’S main partnership there are ITAIPU BINACIONAL, AMCHAM Curitiba, Universidade Federal do Paraná –UFPR, ELOG Logistics, Italy’s Embassy in Paraguay, CORREIOS and SENATUR.
BRASPAR develops events and jobs including:
1. Business missions
2. Consulting services for foreign companies which wish to invest in Paraguay, aiming to get benefits from reduced taxation by trough in the incentive laws, such as Maquila.
3. Consulting in basic and complex information to business plan and joint venture’s possibilities.
4. Work together to local and Brazilian press.
5. Research and studies about Paraguayan and Brazilian economies and social development.
The project’s development are directly in charge of BRASPAR.
BRASPAR Business Events
Every year, several business events, specific and general, are promoted by BRASPAR, such as the annual INTEGRATION FAIR, organized on November of each year in Brazil as well as Paraguay.
BRASPAR Advantages
BRASPAR owns the largest economy and business library and data about Paraguay in the world, in its own database, built through more than 30 years of research and studies.
BRASPAR researchers rebuilt, in 2004, with annual update, the Paraguayan GNP structure, by sectors, coming to the conclusion that Paraguay’s real economy is 110% bigger than indicates the official reports. In 2012, the official Paraguayan Economic Census 2011/12 finally recognized the under registration of over 100% of Paraguay’s GNP.
Among the companies and institutions which use BRASPAR data we find PETROBRAS Oil Company, ITAIPU Binacional, Italy’s Embassy in Paraguay and AMCHAM Curitiba.
Among the main BRASPAR research, you find:
Paraguay Yearbook: developed by sector, with analysis and data of all Paraguayan economic sectors. It is the only world work in that level.
Social and Economic Research: studies about poverty, inequality, education and health, labor market, violence, and development. It is the largest data on Paraguayan studies about these themes in comparison with other countries.
Business Environment and Actualities: it is a permanent update of Paraguayan business environment and advantages in all areas, including agribusiness, industry and services.
Studies about foreign companies installed in Paraguay also make part of these studies.
BRASPAR Consulting
BRASPAR is responsible for having installed 21 foreign companies in Paraguayan territory since 2009, in areas as clothes manufacture, metallurgy, rubber, plastics and auto parts.
BRASPAR consulting is developed though its own Paraguay business plan according to regional capabilities, helping to develop local competitive clusters, mainly in complement to Brazilian clusters in different areas. This work is unique in Paraguay.
There are two main offices, responsible for international area:
USA, Canada, Latin America and Europe
Curitiba Head Office: the head office, which develops the international area .
Contacts: (55-41) 3027-7532 / (55-41) 9633-4556